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      A621 & A622 Datasheet

      This industrial-style clamp-on probe has a BNC connector and can be used with a shrouded banana plug

      The A600 Series current probes are specifically designed to support measurements with the TekMeter® or oscilloscope.

      Features and benefits


      AC – 5 Hz to 50 kHz 100 mA to 2000 A peak

      For DMMs and oscilloscopes Clamp on


      AC/DC – 100 kHz

      50 mA to 100 A peak

      For DMMs and oscilloscopes

      Applications Motor drives Inverters Power supplies Avionics

      A621 2000 Amp AC Current probe/BNC

      This industrial-style clamp-on probe has a BNC connector and can be used with a shrouded banana plug adapter 1 so it can be used on digital multimeters, TekMeter, and oscilloscopes. The A621 can measure AC currents from 100 mA to 2000 A peak over a frequency range of 5 Hz to

      50 kHz. It provides a 1 mV, 10 mV, or 100 mV output for each Amp measured.

      A622 100 Amp AC DC Current probe/BNC

      This "long nose" style clamp-on probe uses a Hall Effect current sensor to provide a voltage output to oscilloscopes. It has a BNC connector and can be used with a shrouded banana plug adapter 1 so it can also be used on digital multimeters, TekMeter, and oscilloscopes. The A622 can measure AC/DC currents from 50 mA to 100 A peak over a frequency range of DC to 100 kHz. It provides 10 mV or 100 mV output for each Amp measured.

      Recommended products

      TPS2000, TDS1000B, TDS2000C, and TDS3000C Series oscilloscopes and DMM4020 1, DMM4040 1, and DMM4050 1 digital multimeters.


      All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.




      Frequency range

      5 Hz to 50 kHz

      DC to 100 kHz

      Maximum input current

      2000 A peak

      100 A peak


      1 mV/A, 10 mV/A, 100 mV/A

      10 mV/A, 100 mV/A

      Maximum conductor diameter

      54 mm (2.13 in.)

      11.8 mm (0.46 in.)


      BNC 1

      BNC 1

      Maximum bare-wire voltage

      600 V (CAT III)

      600 V (CAT III)


      UL3111-2-032, CSA1010.2.032, EN61010-2-032, IEC61010-2-032

      UL3111-2-032, CSA1010.2.032, EN61010-2-032, IEC61010-2-032

      Ordering information



      A621 2000 A AC Current probe/BNC.

      A622 100 A AC/DC Current probe/BNC.


      Recommended accessories

      012-1450-xx Adapter, lead; discrete – MLD, 2, 18 AWG, dual insul, BNC, female X 4 mm dual insul; banana jack X dual insul plug, shield banana




      Service options

      Opt. R3 Repair Service 3 Years (including warranty)

      Opt. R5 Repair Service 5 Years (including warranty)


      Tektronix is registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by SRI Quality System Registrar.




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